In this difficult period for the whole world, we have somehow only now fully become aware and remembered immunity. Quite justifiably, but the defense of the organism is built from the very conception, our origin, and then it is nurtured and preserved and strengthened. It is important how we were born, whether naturally, whether our mother breastfed us, what she fed us during pregnancy, breastfeeding, then what we were fed in the first years of life when gene expression is just coming. We cannot influence all this today, now in this serious moment. But, while we are in quarantine, isolation, while following the measures that experts recommend, we have time for a little more work on ourselves, and even additional awareness of the importance of nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, recommended supplements. All in order to preserve our health and raise our immune abilities to at least one step higher.

I would immediately mention in the first place the stress that each of us has, just receiving all the information from the environment. This can directly affect our levels of stress hormones, which reduce the production of our immune cells. It is important to know this and thus motivate yourself. Follow the measures that are needed, but if you are indoors, the TV does not have to be your best friend. Find content that suits you, many cultural events have been moved to screens or various internet platforms. The world’s museums have opened their virtual doors and are waiting for you to peek and see the incredible cultural heritage of various eras and civilizations. Reducing stress is extremely important, because if we do nothing, we can improve our diet, drink supplements, but dig inside every day and thus get sick. Stress is also well regulated by the so-called occupational therapy. Remember a hobby you have long forgotten about, cooking, knitting, crocheting, drawing, writing. Every day, put at least one task in front of you as a kind of challenge that needs to be completed that day. This method diverts thoughts perfectly, the focus is on much more beautiful things, creating and awakening the child in us.

Physical activity that can take place in our home because it is an anti-stress therapy, beneficial for the whole body and mind. Now we need to be able to maintain the condition we have, if we can’t improve it. Many trainers and fitness centers provide free classes online. Homework is always an option, a detailed arrangement of everything that we have missed in the past months. And, with that, we sweat a little, so we have the right combination. Physical activity is also important for good peristalsis, which can now be disabled because there is no daily movement to what our body is used to. If you have gas, irregular stools, it is recommended that you set aside half an hour for some basic exercise. A good and regular stool is important for maintaining adequate microflora. We already know that part of the immunity lies in our intestines because we are in a special symbiosis with the billions of microorganisms that live in us.

It is nutrition that models us from creation in its own way. Today we know that the fetus gets used to the tastes that depend on the mother’s diet. We are also aware that babies born naturally have a better immune response, as do those who are breastfed. And in order for the mother to have adequate milk, one of the preconditions is nutrition. Therefore, no one can deny the share of nutrition in the creation and maintenance of immunity

In these conditions that have befallen us, we need to get used to planning and planning meals in advance. We have time for that right now. It will also make it easier for us and create a habit for the team when we return to regular living conditions. Planning makes it easier for us to procure everything we need on time, prevents us from accumulating food and having too much-prepared food that would be available to us and “entice” us to make mistakes. In the fridge, freezer, pantry, all the refrigerators, we only need to have what we really need. Skip the shelves in the store with sweets, snacks, bakery products, semi-finished bakery products … All these foods with their composition do not contribute to better health, but on the contrary, promote inflammatory processes that many already have or are slightly smoldering. The inflammatory reaction of the body to additives, sugars, starches, trans fats, saturated fats, flavor enhancers weakens the body’s defenses. So let’s turn to the food that we will prepare ourselves every day, cook lunch, make homemade soups, knead your own bread, eat a salad with each meal, both fresh and canned. If you feel like eating sweets, make a homemade fruit cake or pie without added sugar. Finally, we have time to learn that food should not be at hand, but to work for it, to prepare it, so we will appreciate it more and be more moderate in consuming.

Isolation can trigger the need to nibble due to excess free time, stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction, all the negative emotions contained in us. In that case, wait, don’t eat right away. Realize that you may be eating on an emotional level. Give yourself words of encouragement, words of love, mercy, faith and hope. Treat yourself as a person you care about immensely. Try to drink your favorite tea, squeezed juice or simply eat a few bites and wait for the reaction of the organism. It is important not to nibble all the time. If you simply have to, then it is best to do it in one breath, and not to eat constantly. Recommended snacks are stunted fruits, seeds, especially tick seeds that contain zinc, which is an excellent mineral in the fight against the virus, homemade fruit yogurt, popcorn, kale chips, beet and carrot chips, there are also apples and sweet potatoes. All of these options can be made at home quickly and easily.

Our immune response is inevitably affected by sleep. In order for this need to happen, we need to be exposed to daylight as much as possible. Therefore, if you have a terrace, spend as much time on it as possible, then take off the curtains, raise the blinds, do not lower the Venetian blinds. In the evening, the stress hormone cortisol slowly decreases, introducing us to a quiet part of the day and the phase when melatonin is produced, which also depends on whether and how much we have been exposed to natural light. In order for the organism to regenerate, we need to practice sleeping before midnight. Especially in the period from ten in the evening until midnight to already sleep. Light is also important for the level of the vitamin that acts as a hormone, which is vitamin D. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of our country are quite deficient in this vitamin but be sure to consult your doctor about supplementation. Research shows that it affects a good immune response. It is found naturally in organic butter and dairy products, which are fuller, in fatty fish.

Hydration throughout the day provides vitality. Drink half a glass of water every half hour. Do not wait for the throat to dry. Water effects, and is an important factor in all biochemical processes. It is the best liquid and nothing can replace it.

Adequate nutrition cannot be replaced by supplementation. If you decide on supplements, be sure to consult a pharmacist. There is a lot of interaction between vitamins, minerals and any therapy you possibly use. Therefore, one should be careful and not exaggerate.

Take care of yourself, thereby protecting other people around you.

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