It is not enough just to consume quality food, but also the way of consuming them is of great importance.
Here are the important rules:

  1. Be sure to have breakfast. Breakfast is needed to be the main and most plentiful meal and it will be achieved if we consume light food, some fruit for dinner and go to bed on time (around 9 pm, no later than 10.30 pm). Lunch should be moderate and at the end of the day, the body’s ability to the absorption of nutrients is very small, so that the abundant evening form tends to turn into hard-to-use adipose tissue. Therefore, it would be desirable for the evening meal to take only fruit or to skip the evening meal.
  2. Do not eat between meals. One of the main causes of indigestion and obesity is not too much food in the meal, but between meals. Therefore, you should be discarded of snacks and any food in between meals.
  3. Water as a snack. The best snack for me is water – pure water – not teas, juices, etc. So, an hour after meals, when the digestion process is extensively moved away, one can drink water all the way to a regular meal. Drinking at least two liters of water daily should be a mandatory habit.

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