What do you do when you are sad, nervous, and worried? Do you have a real friend you can trust right away? Do you go for a walk even in the middle of the day, when all the “normal” people are working? Do you create something and thus find peace in your soul? Do you pick up a book that calms you down?
None of the above?
Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. You don’t even know how many pieces – and you’re calm right away!

Should I think before I eat or eat before I think?
The biggest problem is that in moments of a bad mood, we rarely think about the causes of our mood or the consequences that lead to excessive eating brings. You may be familiar with the feeling when you grab a bar of chocolate and eat it before you know it. You feel that only chocolate or a similar sweet snack can ease that worry, that difficult moment.

How to change a habit?
How to get out of the embrace of unhealthy eating habits, which will sooner or later leave traces on your health, and will very quickly affect your appearance? Would anyone be overweight at all, if we were to think long-term?

In a “hunger” attack, which is not usually the case, you reach for food too quickly, and you should ask yourself a few questions beforehand:

• Is my body really hungry?
• Does my hunger hide the feelings that have overwhelmed me?
• How do I feel now? How do I breathe, are my muscles contracted, is my stomach relaxed or tense?

Then count to three. In other words, have fun for a few moments, don’t sit down for a hundred right away. Listen to your favorite song, talk to your neighbor through the window and help her spread the laundry, pet her children, do something you like… This will turn off the program that makes you overeat and which you find hard to resist. Of course, this is all doable if you are not hungry because you skipped the previous meal. If you have succeeded, you are already on the right track. If you sit quietly at a table, that peace is maintained and you can devote yourself only to eating. If you live alone, turn off the radio, TV, phone, computer, do not watch commercials, do not read, do not plan, do not think about what you still have to do.

Don’t think about food!
But it’s a pretty difficult task, isn’t it? In reality, it is difficult to focus on the taste, smell, texture of food, but it is not impossible. If we persevere in that, the food will suddenly get a new taste, we will feel every bite and realize that the food is really delicious. We will realize that we do not need a full plate to get full, that we will be equally comforted by just one biscuit, and because of it we will not feel bad, nor will we be angry with ourselves later.

All this is possible if we eat slowly if we chew every bite thoroughly if our mind is calm. And there is another good thing – we conscientiously start eating healthy, do not buy unhealthy snacks, and prefer to reach for foods that are useful for our body.

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