It takes 12-14 days to the disease develops after it is acquired. Few days discomfort is accompanied by a strong cold, strong headache, terrible pain in the back and legs, vomiting, fever, loss of weight and sometimes cramps. Then the fever subsides and a rash occurs. The pain disappears, but this highly contagious disease can still be transmitted.

The rash initially forms hard red pimples, which appear most on the forehead, neck and wrists joints. They are gradually filled with pure serum, become blisters, deepen in the middle and then they are filled with pus (so they are called slurries).


Unhygienic living conditions and poor nutrition. This disease is highly contagious.


Call a doctor. Let the patient lie in bed and the windows be darkened, but still have airflow and be a constant moderate temperature not exceeding 21 degrees. The patient should fast with juices. During the fever phase, give him plenty to drink lemonade, without sweetening. Apply basic herbal enemas to cleanse the intestines. However, during the second to four days, when the rash starts to appear, no touch the stomach and intestines.

When the skin is hot and dry, let him drink fluid every hour until it reaches sweating. You can put equal parts ginger or ragweed and resisted in a cup boiling water. Let simmer for 20 minutes. It is drunk a full cup every hour or until it arrives to sweating.

If the temperature exceeds 39 degrees, reduce is by soaking in lukewarm water and lukewarm enemas. Apply the method with a damp sheet, in order the patient warmed up. As long as the temperature does not lower enough, change the sheet as soon as it warms up. If there is pain in the back and legs, hot compresses can partially eliminate them. If it is present itching on the skin, bathe the patient with tea from butterbur root, tannin root or root uncle. Another formula: mix 30 g of buttercup and 270 ml of flaxseed oil, and apply it whenever you want.

If he has a cold in his extremities, warm up them with thermoses with hot water. For another fever, use the same medication as for the first; do it the same way if it was the first time good work. Open the blisters by inserting a sterilized needle 4 days after they appear on the head. Then rinse them with hydrogen peroxide.

Washing blisters with buttercups tea often prevents the formation of holes. Another formula is to apply a mixture of tea and Vaseline. Or yes the skin is washed with tannin and buttercup tea. During a fever, eat nothing but oats porridge if you have a strong appetite. This should be followed by light meals with vegetable soup, oatmeal and fruit juices.

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