Withdrawal, isolation from society, depression, cravings, weight gain, loss energy, too long sleep, decreased sex drive.


This condition, which is also called “winter depression ”, is caused by the following factors: During the winter months, the weather is cloudy, days are gloomy and gloomy, which affects the emotional the condition of individual people. Then the day is shorter, and during the day there is no strong light, which means to the eyes people are exposed to less sunlight. This lack of light sends a signal to glands in the brain, such as the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which due to it doesn’t work as it should. During the winter, stress is more common and there are more cases of lack of nutrients. Less fresh fruits and vegetables are available. All of this together causes seasonal depression in some people. During awakening, it is necessary for a person to do what more exposed to sunlight. This problem affects women 4 times more than men.


– In most cases, improving your diet will help the most. It’s needed foods rich in B vitamins, along with I eat fruits and vegetables. The nervous system is built with the help of healthy food.

– A negative view of the world has a great impact. You are not learning to be grateful for what you have a.

– if possible, in your daily and work provide space as well as a place to dine to be strong daylight. – during sunny or clear days more time spend outside.

– make a “light box”, 0.6 m long and 0.4 m high, with white fluorescent bulbs behind a plastic screen. It should produce 2,500-10,000 lux. Early winter maybe you it will only take you 10 minutes daily but in front of the box, but about 45 minutes in the middle of winter. Sit 0.5 – 1 m away from her, facing her, facing the ground. Read, write something, work or just sit (do not look directly into the light) and listen to music. If a headache or tension occurs eyes, reduce the time you will spend in front those boxes.

– St. John’s wort is a good antidepressant.

– Nerve 1 tincture is of great benefit.

– take a hot and cold shower every morning and evening, and gently stretch your muscles. Be outside every day, breathe deeply, and occasionally take a quick walk.

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