Proper nutrition means a reasonable and practical method of nutrition to improve health and control body weight.

Despite the fact that we live in the age that has advanced the most in terms of knowledge about medicine. Despite the explosion of general interest in health, diets, diet products, the harsh reality tells us that we are getting fatter and sicker.

If you look at the official statistics, you will understand that every fifth person suffers from some chronic disease. Today, the situation is even worse, so statistics show that every third person is obese and has a chronic disease. If this relentless tendency continues in the near future, half of the population will suffer from some chronic illness, limited ability or disability.

Health figures that are worrying
Figures referring to children indicate that only 8% of children suffered from some chronic disease, but in the last few years that number has risen to 19%. This data is really frightening and I really don’t understand how it is possible that they did not arouse more public attention and media interest.

Simultaneously with the gradual prolongation of the average human lifespan, there was a real decline in health ability. It is paradoxical that, as it seems, we will do everything that leads us to illness and obesity for a long time to come.

In other words, we have figured out how to stay alive longer – and thus suffer longer!

For decades, the state and the government have been spending a huge income on treatment, ie stopping various diseases, but they have completely neglected the far more important aspect of disease prevention, and that is the problem of obesity. One of the consequences of such a health policy is that we are not actually explained how to stay healthy and slim.

Another inverse consequence of this health policy is the provision of various medical benefits based on the sheer number of patients who need medical attention. All this indicates that the pharmaceutical industry has an interest in people getting sick and selling their products. The huge development of private medical practice and health insurance is a consequence of the fact that millions of people have not been explained how to preserve their own health.

What is proper nutrition and how to make the body healthier and more beautiful?
Through this text, I do not want to deal with statistics, but I want to prevent you from becoming a part of those statistics.

I have spent almost 10 years of my working life helping clients take care of their health and appearance. This extremely privileged and unique approach has enabled me to gain knowledge about what affects the human body and how to make it healthier and more beautiful.
My knowledge comes from many years of practical work on the human body. I work on the physical skin of my clients, on their obesity, tendons, muscles and joints.

As a personal trainer who works directly with clients almost every day for years, under my own hands I could feel how their bodies react. As things stand, I learned first hand the effects of their diets, discovered their way of life, found out what exercises they practice and whether they practice them at all, and even what opinion they have about themselves and their own lives. Through open conversation and direct contact, I discovered what affects the human body over the years. I will share with you the most important lessons and facts that I have discovered and learned to help you achieve better and longer-lasting health.

Yes – it really can be you! You need proper nutrition!
We all dream of some wealth, in today’s world money is used to buy freedom, that is, independence from debts and problems. And would being rich affect your body and health? Maybe you think that rich people are more inclined to do sports and exercise? Unfortunately not!

There are too many lazy people among the rich as there are among you who are not rich. I confidently claim that enormous wealth cannot significantly affect health, stature and slim figure.

Based on everything I have noticed over the years of experience working with celebrities, I can testify that wealth, as well as the fame that usually accompanies it, is more often a burden than a benefit for health and good looks. During my long work in the fitness industry, I became friends with most of my clients. They confide their thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams to me – so I know very well how some of them are crushed by the sorrow and pain that brings them a life distorted by fame and too much wealth.

It is true that money can be of great benefit to you when it comes to improving your health and appearance, after being destroyed by the achievements of modern life. I have not heard so far that money can buy great health and a perfect body, without investing personal effort. If you want to preserve or improve your own health, if you want to maintain a beautiful physique or achieve better, you will have to do something for yourself and that as soon as possible, and that is to start exercising. This is an inevitable fact, and since it is so, you are in the same position as these rich people.

How can a proper diet help you make progress that others will notice?
Everyone asks themselves the question: Do I need to work hard on myself to look better? Do I have to spend a lot of effort, time and money to achieve this? How can I force myself to take care of my own health and body?
In most cases, the life that is imposed on you is such that most of you are struggling with health problems or strengthening your body, due to the great demands that have been imposed on you. I intentionally mentioned rich people, great wealth and high positions often bring great stress, pressures and worries and lack of time.

What I want to share with you is a way to make significant progress without major changes in your daily life.

If you are used to eating the highest quality food in restaurants, it will not be difficult for you to switch to lentils, green beans or other foods.

By progress, I mean changes you probably didn’t expect possible. First of all, I mean general health and the ability to maintain it longer and easier. We can also classify progress in appearance, body weight, stature, skin and muscles as progress. Changes can also be reflected in the way you walk, the general impression you leave on other people, posture and self-esteem.

In order to achieve all that, changes in perceptions and behavior in life are needed. Achieving such progress is not hard, but on the contrary easy and exciting and fun!

When you discover how to help your body use everything you put into it during the day in the right way, then you will be able to enjoy food and look better at the same time.

If you know how to use the time dedicated to your own care, you will quickly achieve the desired results. When you see how your body reacts to exercise, you will realize that you do not need a lot of exercise to achieve your goals.

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