A person is at least 20% heavier in compared to the average for their height and weight.


Obesity is an excess of physical fats; too much is stored. A person it also ingests more calories than it needs – no.

The average person has 30-40 million fat cells in them. For some of us, that is too much. Considered is that when an extra fat is created in a person cell, to store excess fat, to that cell it remains there for the rest of its life, regardless of whether the fat is later removed from it.

Unhealthy diet, fatty foods and deficiency physical activity is a common cause of obesity. Other factors include: diabetes, hypoglycemia – i, poor functioning of endocrine glands, to – wheelchairs, tension and craving for food, as well as nedo – voluntary intake or poor absorption of key nutrients ingredients, which leads to the creation and harmony – breathing fat. Obesity may be related to hormonal disorders of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands or pancreas – asu.

In obese people, fat is stored not only in fat cells, but also in muscle tissue. Therefore, when they start to lose weight (through dieting for weight loss), they lose fat from cells and prote – ine from muscle, and only then fat from muscle. Top – a better solution is to be in good physical shape, so that the fat does not have to accumulate in the muscles. It is estimated that 90% of obese people overeat and takes big snacks because they only eat leeks – calories, which do not contain enough minerals – la and vitamins.

Natural treatment

People are trying to reduce calorie intake, instead of starting with a good daily diet. Without that by – they will overeat and give up easily diet. It is now known that it is better to eat slowly than to lose weight over and over again and then gain it again. Thus it harms the body and it becomes more prone to bo – ladder. Research shows that a child starves – increase the risk of heart disease.

To stick to a body loss program weight (ie, gradual weight loss program – a few pounds), calculate how much you is the calories needed each day for the next way: multiply your body weight by 10, a then add 30% (one third) to it. That’s right you get the total daily amount of calories you you can ingest without gaining pounds that you have previously lost. If you are moderately fi – zički active and if you eat less than the total amounts of calories, you should lose weight. (Example: 68 kg x 10 = 680 kg + 30% (204) = 884 calories.)

Starvation diets are useless. Fast wrinkle – Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness thus increasing cholesterol levels. Always eat lighter foods, but eat more – vih ingredients. Don’t eat food because you love it, but for your health. Don’t consume greasy, quick, processed and fried foods, caffeine, nicotine and carbonated beverages, do not drink alcohol of any kind because it contains calories without anything nutritious and prevents the burning of fat reserves.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Don’t skip breakfast and lunch. Let you – lunch will be the biggest meal, lunch will be mediocre, and ve – cherry light, or throw out dinner altogether. Don’t are you at bedtime or at night. It is best that do not eat anything after 3 p.m. You can include in the diet of algae dulsa or nor – veski kelp, due to minerals. Eat enough fiber. She leaked – they fill your stomach space, but they don’t make you fat. And we – but the acid phenylalanine reduces body weight, affecting the thyroid gland, and increasing the secretion of endorphins in the brain.

Barley malt powder is quite sweet, but it contains fewer calories than other sweeteners. Njime zas – chill food. Don’t end the meal with something sweet. The drink below is “all in one”, which is so nutritious that it can help you lose weight on body weight – it can be you and the whole is – day meal. It is full of nutrients! Mix the following ingredients in a blender and then drink: a cup of rice milk, a cup of soy milk, a cup of fruit juice (apple, orange or something else), one banana, 4 fresh strawberries (if you have them), a teaspoon of black sugar syrup, a teaspoon of chopped “greens” (from barley, etc. – leg), 1-2 teaspoons of nutritious yeast powder and 135 teaspoon of linseed oil. Drink slowly and do not nothing to eat until the next meal.


Eat moderate amounts raw citrus fruits and less sour fruits, but don’t eat something that is sweet (like fruit). Take diluted grapefruit juice for half an hour before meals, to reduce appetite. Eat as many raw vegetables as possible. The only one cooked food should be traditionally cooked fresh vegetables. Do not use fried and canned vegetables. Eat mostly plant protein foods, with certain changes: beans, seeds, nuts, sprouted beans, etc.

All types of refined carbohydrates are prohibited: sugar, alcohol, white flour products, packaged cereals and processed starch. Eat only cooked unrefined brown rice, barley, rye, millet, buckwheat, wheat, and corn other whole grains. Don’t grind them, but cook them and eat them in their natural form. Flaxseed oil (2 teaspoons a day) helps burning excess calories. Do not use others types of oil. Sprinkle this crude oil over the food. Eat algae spirulina (to be drunk at the pharmacy) half an hour before meals. It is very nutritious, gives energy and weakens the appetite.


Never before eating. It’s a very, very bad habit, but to a shout that can be stopped. When you’re done eating, be determined not to eat anything until the next meal. As you eat, concentrate only on eating without a story and think about when you should stop eating. Don’t just relax, you talk, hang out with others, and eat and eat. Do not listen to the radio, read a book or watch television while eating. Focus on the light healthy food that you eat and the time when you should stop eating.

Nothing bad will happen to you if you finish the meal a little hungry. Keep that in mind. In fact, it will It will help you a lot, because it will help your stomach narrow over time to normal size. It is best for obese people to eat as much as possible raw foods possible, not cooked. Food can to cook, bake and stew, but never to fry. Be on a cleanser once a week fasting on juices. Regular physical activity is required. Exercises outdoors they are better than others. This simply means that you should exercise outdoors vase spirit. This way you lose weight and increase strength. The heart, veins and arteries are strengthened, as well as vital organs and endocrine glands.

A walk burns 120 calories per hour, while la – running runs burns 440 calories per hour. Still, walking is the best exercise. People usually swim in colder water; because the body creates fat deposits as protection against cold, so swimming does not help in losing on body weight. Regular bowel movements are important. Reduce salt intake. Chewing gum stimulates the stomach and causes hunger. Do not overeat children with a lot of starch and cow’s milk. Most babies are as young as 4 months old give starch, however, it is premature and can cause allergies. Children over 2 years of age who are overweight are at a higher risk of becoming obese as adults.

If you’re just a little obese, don’t think about other people’s comments on you; they would probably wanted to be able to gain at least a little weight.


Ginger and hedgehog (boar) improve fat metabolism while fenugreek helps dissolve fat in the liver. One survey of over 25,000 people found is that the thinnest were those who ate the most plowing of six fruits. They are rich in serotonin, which gives us a feeling of satiety. These people are vegetarians, while people who eat meat would find it a little harder lost weight, because their food is full of saturated fat.


– Moderately long cold baths, especially the method with a wet sheet, shallow bath, shower with cold water, rubbing with a submerged sheet, immersion bath and moderate physical activity several times a day. A cold bath can be preceded by a radiant hot bath or some other type of short-term bath sweating. Physical activity is good to preceded by a cold bath, long enough to lower body temperature by a few tenths of a degree. General treatment includes long-lasting cold baths and vigorous exercise, with a reduction daily amounts of food consumed to measure required to maintain power. Treatment never it must not be such as to adversely affect the muscle or a person’s nervous energy. If she complains yes is weak or exhausted, alleviate the vigor of the treatment. Along with weight loss, there must be an improvement in muscle strength. Muscle strength should be tested every week. Do not apply top baths, because they are very exhausting.

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