SYMPTOMS – Constant desire for tobacco in any form. If a person smokes tobacco, irritation also occurs sore throat and lungs, chronic cough, chronic bronchitis and premature skin aging, and may over time lead to lung cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, emphysema, respiratory diseases, heart disease, stroke, and/or many other types diseases and cancer. Women smokers have more problems with menstruation and menopause, and men have more trouble with prostate. Women smokers age twice as fast, as well as their skin, which leads to the formation of extinct, lifeless, grayish and bad complexion and wrinkles. If a person chews tobacco, irritation also occurs
inflammation of the lips, mouth, teeth, throat and esophagus, eventually leading to cancer of the lips, mouth, tongue, larynx, esophagus, and other diseases.

CAUSES – Nicotine is famous for a huge number of different harmful chemical compounds that contain in natural form but is them throughout the process of leaf growth and maturation is artificially added by other harmful chemicals. Also, nicotine is known to be very addictive, on a par with heroin; those who have consumed both tobacco and heroin say it is harder to quit tobacco. Like heroin, cocaine and alcohol, tobacco provides an instant feeling of relaxation making the heart pump faster (12-25 beats per minute faster), and thus causing the heart to skip and a general sense of concern. The last smoker smoke a cigarette at bedtime the circulatory system normally functions only 2 out of 24 hours during the day. Each cigarette destroys 25 mg of vitamin C, while the whole pack destroys more vitamin C than which you can ingest through food throughout the day. In the western world, tobacco is the cause of 35% of cancer deaths, 78% of all fatal heart attacks, 18% of deaths in general, 85% of lung cancer deaths, and 85% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. More every year people in the west die because of tobacco than because of alcohol, street drugs, traffic accidents, murder or suicide. Cigarettes, and the like products, are nails for the coffin, which shorten life by 15-20 years. Here are a few “Gifts” you get from nicotine: lead, carcinogens, cadmium, hydrogen cyanide,
carbon monoxide, and over 5,000 other harmful chemical compounds. Tobacco not only hurts your health, but also the health of all the people around you: to your spouse, children, children in need to be born, and colleagues. Did you know that the breath does a smoker contains a little more nicotine than the smoke from his cigarette? Men and women who smoke everyone moment into the room exhale poisonous air which their children breathe.

NATURE TREATMENT – Symptoms of smoking cessation are: cough, depression, anxiety, headaches, stomach cramps, irritability,
hunger and craving for tobacco. It takes about 2 weeks. If appropriate treatment is applied, that the period can be more easily endured, with less likelihood of re-consuming tobacco.

  • the desire for tobacco lasts only 3-5 minutes, well then appears after a while, and lasts again 3-5 minutes. As time goes on, so will you
    it’s getting easier to fight that desire.
  • to get rid of tobacco, the best solution is to make it clear and strict you adhere to a body cleansing program. Time you will speed up the expulsion of accumulated nicotine and other toxins from the body. The sooner you do that, the sooner stop craving for tobacco.
  • Healthy food must be eaten. Of great help are carrot juice and citrus juice.
  • take a pack of tobacco and throw it away, instead put a bag of some dried fruit in your pocket. Blood sugar level is one of the factors of dependence. When the craving for tobacco disappears, you don’t have to carry no dried fruit.
  • Take more calcium and chamomile 3-6 times daily. They will both relax you during the period rehab. B vitamins are also important for the nerves.
  • lobelia contains lobeline, which is similar to nicotine, but it does not create addiction, but helps to leave tobacco. Here’s what to do:
  • smoke cigarettes for only one hour during the day, while drinking 15 drops of lobelia (Tincture of the Lungs) diluted in water every half hour, and 15 minutes before you light your first cigarette. After put more of each of these 15 minute periods 15 drops in water, so drink it while smoking cigarettes. You will be sick of it, which will be in your brain associated with taking cigarettes, so it will in you disappear desire for tobacco.
  • if you do not opt ​​for this method of treatment with lobelia, then he must abruptly stop taking cigarettes.
  • when you get a craving for tobacco you can nibble on a raw carrot.
  • practice deep breathing whenever you feel the urge to smoke.
  • The following herbs help you get rid of tobacco: ginger, catnip, hops, root burdock, red clover, elm and hot pepper. Choose whichever you want. Eat garlic as well, and stop consuming fast food and meat.

HYDROTHERAPY – here are some suggestions from introductory part on hydrotherapy:
1. methods for warming and sweating can be used to expel nicotine from the body, thus the desire for tobacco decreases. 2. Steam vans are also useful for smoking cessation baths.
3. immediately stop taking tobacco and go to bed. Apply sweating methods (such as radiant baths, steam baths, and methods for sweating with a wet sheet) twice a day, followed by a short-term application of cold water (such as shallow water) cold baths, rubbing with a damp sheet or cold showering). Alternate application of warm and cold compresses on the spine 3 times a day; warm tummy tuck during the day and evening, 3 times daily; consuming large amounts of water and daily high bowel lavage

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