Itching that seems to “move” with mes ta in place on the skin.


Watch out for bird nests near yours houses, because many birds have mites, so do they I can enter your house and then you.


Wash that part of the skin with tar soap. Wash clothes in boiling water water or iron them well with a hot iron. – keep one tablespoon of burdock root, ragweed and tannin root in half a liter of boiled in de for half an hour. Strain, add half pounds of coconut oil, then continue with by cooking and stirring until a balm / fat is obtained. You can use it for all types itching.

– take off your clothes in the evening (if they bite during the day; if they bite during the night, then take off their clothes the next morning), put it in a bucket clean tap water. Then bathe clean water, and after at least two hours put on clothes in the dryer for a few minutes, so it is then hang to dry. That’s how you’re going to strangle them.

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