Occurs when the eyes cannot focus clearly on nothing, neither near nor on far. It can be so dangerous that one type of blindness can occur.


Blurred or poor vision of otherwise structurally normal eyes. It occurs in children whose eyes they send two different images to the brain. If there is a problem does not resolve by the age of five, later attempts to correct the vision may be unsuccessful, because it will the brain disconnects from one of the two eyes. The most common cause is the inability of both eyes to they look at the same point (strabismus). In other causes 82 include visual disturbances in one eye, such as astigmatism, farsightedness and myopia. Usually additional factors include certain ones nutritional deficiencies and environmental problems.


The main cause seems to be a lack of vitamins B1 and B12. Another important cause is cigarette smoke. With enough intake of vitamin D and calcium, this usually solves the whole problem. – Get tobacco out of your house and workplace.

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