Among other diseases of the kidneys mentioned in this book, there are also a number of lesser known but equally dangerous ones diseases, such as:

Renal tubular acidosis – The kidneys can’t to properly reabsorb bicarbonates, which leads to inadequate ammonia production and secretion acids. This further leads to a major drawback fluid and potassium in the body, and excess acid. And bones they can be damaged.

Hydronephrosis – The kidneys and bladder become full of urine, due to obstruction of its flow.

Glomerulonephritis – Inflammation of the small kidneys filtering units, which sometimes originate from a bacterial infection in the body.

Uremia – Accumulation of toxins in the blood due poor renal function. In all these conditions, the most important thing is to clean the kidneys first, increase the flow of urine and restore the normal functions of the organs.


Eat at least 75% raw foods (including garlic, parsley, potatoes, celery, cucumber and bananas). It is especially important green vegetables. Drink 180-240 ml of non-carbonated water every hour water.


Corn silk tea is the best to stimulate urine flow and kidney regeneration. Watermelon seed tea, pumpkin seeds, celery seeds and primrose seeds also have a diuretic effect. Program with Kidney Tea and tinctures Kidney-bladder and detox is best for solving kidney problems. Cranberries increase the acidity of urine, destroying bacteria and restoring bladder function.


Stop eating meat. A part of the problem is too much protein, and the meat still contains various types of waste products, bacteria, purines and uric acid. Avoid dairy products other than yogurt. Don’t eat chocolate, cocoa and fish. Do not ingest too much phosphorus, so avoid the green part of beets, spinach, rhubarb and chard; they contain oxalic acid. Lead, other types of metals, many drugs against pain and infectious diseases (scarlet fever, smallpox, etc.) damage the kidneys. Spirulina is known to alleviate kidney poisoning caused by mercury and drugs.

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