The gums swell and turn red. Brushing your teeth causes them to bleed.


The gums enlarge and swell. This is early sign of periodontal disease (see chapter “Periodontitis”). Gum hyperplasia can be a side effect of certain drugs. This one The problem can occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes (which should disappear after childbirth). Rare cases refer to scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) and acute leukemia.


Start taking more calcium. Expose yourself more to the sun because of vitamin D. It is best when bones are built inside. If you have dental problems, you probably will have bone problems too, even though you can’t to see. You would not want to break it at a later age hip bone. Eat healthy. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, because they help your teeth and gums, and also clean your teeth. Stop using nicotine and alcohol. They remove vitamins and minerals from your body. Fill a clean ear syringe with water (one rubber ball with a long extension) and rinse mouth.

Massage your gums at least once a day, or even better, massage them after each meal, after brushing teeth. Clean your teeth thoroughly after each meal. Use a soft toothbrush and apply it gently, so as not to damage the enamel. Move the brush from the root to the tip of the tooth. Be careful where the gums start. Use two toothbrushes, a little one, a little the other, so they can dry before I’ll take turns. Immerse the brush in hydrogen peroxide once a week. This destroys the naked bacteria. The electric brush is said to destroy 98% limescale, while an ordinary brush only 48%. If necessary, use dental floss. For more information, see the following sections: “Pulling gums” (below), “Tartar”, “Periodontitis” and “Gum and mouth infections”.

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