Acute temporary pain in the side of the body.


Pain occurs due to cramps in the diaphragm, located between the chest and abdomen, when the same does not got enough oxygen.

Running is the most common cause. Double pressure from sides of contracted abdominal muscles (due to knee lifting while running) and enlarged lungs from above (due to deeper breathing) can instantly to cut off the flow of blood to the diaphragm. This is how a spasm develops in her. Uneven breathing can also cause these cramps, even when you laugh a lot. However, pain can also be caused by prisoners gas in the intestines.

If the pain appears only on the right side, it may be a temporary deficiency oxygen in the liver.


– Stop working and allow the muscles to calm down. Exhale deeply and breathe slowly, deeply. You can also massage painful landscape.

– learn to breathe deeper. Breathe more from the diaphragm than from the lungs. And that’s part of the problem.

– Do not do too strenuous exercises less from 2 hours before a meal.

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