Be careful, because the flu can be fatal, especially in children and the elderly. In themselves, they are sensitive, weak and undernourished persons. If you have respiratory problems (asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, etc.), treat yourself to as soon as possible. One thing leads to another, as long as the disease does not exhaust you at all. Influenza often causes ear infections, pneumonia and sinus infections. Children who often have the flu should be checked whether they suffer from hypothyroidism. Measure the temperature under their arm.

The flu becomes a serious problem if you are hoarse, have chest pain, and have difficulty with it you breathe in or expel yellowish or greenish mucus. It is best to see a doctor immediately, if you have not already done so. Do not get the flu vaccine! With the flu, it is necessary to increase the body’s vital resistance and help flush out toxins.

For this purpose, full body baths with prezno java are used – followed by vigorous application of cold water (cold water spraying, showering, rubbing); method with a warm blanket or top la a cup of whole body; warm foot bath with hot ob logs on the chest or back, followed by cold rubbing; rubbing with a cold towel or damp sheet; wet sweating method charm seam; consuming large amounts of water; enemas 1-2 times a day or using a formula Hose 1 for emptying the hose.

In case of pain in the head, back and legs, apply hot water to the legs until sweating occurs, followed by cold rubbing or rubbing. with a cold towel, keeping the limbs very warm.

In case of fever, the method should be applied sweating with a damp sheet and neutral bath; cold rubbing, rubbing with a cold towel, consuming large amounts of water, chilled enema.

In case of a headache it is good hot and cold head wrap, hot face wrap, and especially over the eyes (eyes should be closed and covered with dry material). In case of nausea, you should put a bag with ice over the stomach.

When vomiting, a warm and cold compress is good for the hull; do not take fluids. A neutral enema is useful after each bowel movement, as well as a cold stomach compress that is changed every 15 minutes. Can be used and a hot enema and a hot compress over the abdomen.

In case of inflammation of the eye or ear, hot is used coating of the diseased part of the body, drainage treatment for feet, hot foot bath, full body hot bath, long-term application of a warm compress on the feet. In the case of rheumatoid flu, the method with a warm blanket is used for 2-3 hours, 1-2 times daily, followed by careful application of cold rubbing. After that, dry flannel is wrapped around the eye bodies. The method is repeated 2 times a day.

It is a good hot compress for especially painful places, several times a day, between which a heated compress is applied. Fight pulmonary and internal obstruction by maintaining heat and activity of the entire skin surface; pay special attention to the lower ones extremities, in order to draw blood from the head and lungs. Sweating methods can be vigorous apply and be repeated frequently if after they are followed by short cold rubs, applied so as not to cause chills on the surface of the body.

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