Regular exercise can compensate for the cell damage that causes the disease and slow down the aging process.

You can slow down the aging process with just 15 minutes of moderate daily activity. Exercise is good for you and your body. As life expectancy increases, many people survive up to 90 years. Better medicines and safer procedures can largely ensure a long life. Exercise may be key to why some people not only survive but manage to stay vital in later life.

Mechanics of aging
Aging takes place at the cellular level as a result of inflammation and oxidative stress. As cell damage builds up, your metabolism changes, you gain fat and lose muscle mass. All this makes you vulnerable to disease. Sitting basically speeds up the aging process.

What are the values ​​of exercise?
People often focus on the level of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and other problems that can befall us.

Exercise is a way to reduce all these risks, as well as all other risks. If your cholesterol is a little high, but you are still fit and feel healthy, it is a much smaller problem than if your cholesterol is a little high and you sit on the bed all day and watch TV.
Doctors did not have a simple tool for assessing the importance of fitness. In an effort to point out the lifetime value of the physical activity that will prolong your life, doctors have done certain tests, where in addition to traditional markers such as BMI (body mass), they measured cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in humans. who are physically active and in people who do not move. They found that the death rate associated with cardiovascular systems is pronounced in people who are physically inactive. The more you exercise, the better you will be, until you get injured. Any physical activity is better than sitting. Exercise has a cumulative benefit. So just 15 minutes of moderate-intensity activity can help reduce your cardiovascular risk.

Moderate-intensity activities include brisk walking, swimming, jogging, and activities such as mowing the lawn. If you have physical limitations such as arthritis, poor eyesight or balance problems, the key is to find a way to exercise that you personally enjoy. It can be swimming, dancing, or some other physical activity.

Changing the function of your body
It changes the whole concept of exercise, from the idea of ​​exercising to the extreme, to the concept of any activity that drives your body. The ultimate goal is not to increase your muscles, but to change the way your body functions.
You can’t completely stop aging, you need to stay active and that can slow down the destructive processes that lead to illness and immobility, which significantly reduces your quality of life. Most people are worried about the fragility and weakness of the body. Weakness is evidence of illness and old age. Your commitment to regular walking makes a big difference in your overall health. It also affects other things like personal satisfaction and mood, which will make a huge difference in how well you live and how you feel, not just how long you live. An assessment of how healthy you are and what your medical history is and how susceptible you are to heart risk factors will be determined by a doctor. As your trainer, I am here to determine your metabolic equivalent, as a result of a bar exercise test or some other fitness test.

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