SYMPTOMS – Swelling of the hands, ankles, feet, face, abdomen or some other parts of the body, most often the hands, feet and the area around the eyes. Swelling or swelling leads to muscle pain.

CAUSES – Edema is fluid retention in the body. The cause can be: poor kidney function, chronic kidney disease, heart disease with
blockage, varicose veins, phlebitis (inflammation of the veins), lack of protein or thiamine, retention sodium or cancer.
Other causative factors are: standing for a long time, premenstrual tension or taking oral contraceptives. Limited injuries, such as sprains, allergic reactions or bee stings. Fluid retention is sometimes caused by food allergies, as well as: hypothyroidism, anemia, weakness
adrenal gland function, constipation or lack of physical activity, then, deficiencies of potassium, B vitamins or vitamins B1, B3 or B6.
As soon as edema occurs, a proper diagnosis should be made. If they are not heart, kidney or liver diseases, they will be easier to find and solve causes. If the skin retracts and creates small furrows in the tub press the skin on the foot or ankle with your finger, that means that the situation is getting worse. See a doctor.

TREATMENT – If the cause of edema is heart disease, then look at the chapter that talks about him, but if it is kidney failure or some another cause, then read the following: If the disease is caused by a lack of protein or thiamine, you just need to take a larger amount the same. Fluid can be retained in the abdominal cavity if the level of protein in the blood is so low that the fluid cannot be contained in the blood vessels. If the problem is too much salt, then it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt in the food. (Too much salt requires more water in the body to stay dissolved and not to injure living tissues.) Higher amounts of vitamin B6 will reduce the amount of fluid retention. It is useful to fast on juices for 1-3 days. But if it’s a lack of protein, then nutrients are needed, not purification. Apply warm baths 2 times a week. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially in raw form. Exercise regularly, because poor circulation, due to heart or liver disease, is common cause of edema. When resting, raise your legs. Avoid tight clothing, stress, refined and fast food. Stop eating meat. Useful herbs include corn silk, dandelion, bile, alfalfa, pyrethrum, garlic, hawthorn, juniper berries, lily of the valley, primrose, nettle, marshmallow, tahebo and ash.

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