SYMPTOMS – Painful swelling in the ankle, leg, testicles or other part of the body. One week later, a blister forms, which soon bursts,
creating a wound. It often happens while standing in leads or cups. One end of a white threaded guinea worm can be seen protruding from the wound. If the wound becomes contaminated and infected, the pain and swelling spread, so that over time a person becomes unable to walk, and sometimes tetanus occurs.

CAUSES – Another disease can get those who travel across seas and oceans. Illness spreads by consuming contaminated water, as well as walking or swimming in swimming pools. When infected a person with an open wound steps into the water, a worm it springs up and lays thousands of eggs in the water. Male sea ​​fleas pick up those eggs, while some others the person takes to drink from that water, swallowing you as well fleas and those eggs. Some of them develop into worms which occurs under the skin, so that the infected person does not feel anything. A year later, a wound forms when an adult worm penetrates the surface of the skin, to lay his eggs.

NATURAL HEALING – The wound must be cleansed. Keep it submerged in cold water until the worm springs. Attach a thread to the worm, then gently pull it out, every day a little. That may take some time for a whole week. Don’t break it. Worm can be almost 1 m long. And if it breaks, come will lead to a severe infection. Take herbal antibiotics at the same time (or if the wound becomes infected).

  • in order to prevent infection during travel
    over the sea / ocean, boil all drinking water. Do not enter the pools. If you have to drink
    water from there, put the water first in a separate one
    a drinking vessel, and over it a clean piece of cloth, to filter out water fleas.
  • if no one steps on or bathes in drinking water,
    then the infection cannot be transmitted, and over time
    will disappear from that area.

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