We are generally not a fans of topics like this. Especially, because it is not about a general health condition or a specific problem, but one part of the human body is turned upside down by a social magnifying glass. And from that comes general confusion, anxiety before summer casual dress. Everyone becomes anxious, they squeeze their stomachs, put on summer blouses and check their volumes. When it comes to volume, this is the only real, justified concern, because it has been shown that as the waist circumference increases, so does the predisposition for chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes,… It is alarming for women when waist circumference begins to exceed 80 cm, and in males over 94 cm. Of course, it is important how, when and who measures your volume. For this reason, as part of prevention, it would be advisable to schedule a systematic check-up with a dietitian at least once a year. We could call this a nutri gastro (technical) inspection, a pandan of a technical inspection of a car that every unrivaled driver cares about. But, a little less about your body, regardless of the constant use, the signs that the body sends, so it was just a “few extra pounds”.

The key question for everyone about the terrible and stressful part of the body – the stomach, which foods to exclude? Is there anything magical? Well, my dears, there is no food or mixture that solves this “problem”. There is only a set of attempts, which lead to change, and a gradual change to a real habit that over time becomes a lifestyle and you did not even notice, and the stomach “disappeared”.

The basic change that leads to better health and body care is that sugar is reduced to a minimum, that is, that it is not even under scrutiny. Cakes, biscuits, biscuits, various diet biscuits, wellness biscuits, chocolates, chocolates, energy bars, protein bars, energy drinks, alcohol, juices, puddings, cakes, pastries, fruit yogurts, muesli, instant cereal porridge, pastries – how to make homemade so does the one from the bakery, pasta, lasagna, pies, bureks, cakes and loaves, special types of bread,… The basic market should be your market, I mention this because of the vegetables that are lacking in the diet of each of us. Fruit is still found at least in traces in various ways, but vegetables are in short supply, and as a salad they are extremely lacking. Try to take half of your plate with some meat, and the other half with vegetables, and of course add some salad to all that. If we ate like this, the only problem in the beginning would be bloating, which is often confused with fattening in the abdomen. And, in fact, we would be bloated, because probiotics, good bacteria of the intestinal flora, unfortunately, are not used to being fed plant fibers. By excluding sweets of various forms, the body actually loses nothing but the fatty tissue that we already have too much in reserve.

Try to make food that is high quality and good for your health and organism a source of happiness and satisfaction, teach yourself that it is delicious for you, because we can control tastes. Respect yourself and your body, treat yourself like a child you lead on the right path, patiently, bravely and motivated!

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