Do you think we have "gotten out" of gaining extra pounds? The fact is that everything comes with a delay and our body needs renewal, rebirth, rebirth… Call it what you will. It's not just about gaining extra pounds - but about the impact of harmful foods ingested during the holiday-winter period in general.

The body has its cleansing system, and detoxification is a natural way that speeds up that process and helps you protect yourself from disease!

Toxins can come from normal processes, which take place in our body during food intake, or from the inhalation of chemicals, such as pesticides, cleaning agents, food additives, cigarette smoke…

The floor needs to be cleaned regularly - our body too!
Not every cleaning process (we mean housework) is a lot of fun, but when the job is done, you feel useful, happy and comfortable! This is how you will feel even after detoxifying your body - reborn!

We will not tell you in detail where all these harmful substances go from your body - because it is quite obvious. We will tell you the nice part, and that is what happens during and after detoxification, how it should be performed and how often.
How often should I do a "general" of my body?

This process should be performed once to three times a year. No more than 3 times. It is best to do "general" after the holidays and after meals rich in calories, as well as when you feel some of the problems listed below. It should last from 3 to 7 days.

Why and when should I "clean up" at all?
Today we are living fast and all your organs are overworked. We eat heavy and unhealthy food that suits the modern lifestyle - and the body needs to process it.

If you lead such a lifestyle without a break for your body - various difficulties can follow, such as:
-unexplained fatigue and lack of energy;
-indigestion and bloating;
-menstrual disorders;
-irritated skin, poor complexion and allergies;
-headache, poor memory and concentration
Breastfeeding mothers, children, patients with chronic degenerative diseases, cancer or tuberculosis should consult their doctor before detoxification.

Desirable and undesirable foods?
Detoxification plans may include special diets, herbs, hydrotherapy, exercise, breathing techniques, and/or sauna therapies.

During "cleaning", avoid fast food, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, salt, sweetened and carbonated juices, high-fat foods, sweets and snacks, canned and ready meals, foods that contain wheat and gluten.

The stars of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. Meals throughout the day should be light, you should not skip them and starve longer during the day, because you will overeat later - and we try to avoid such behavior! Prepare the vegetables as short as possible so that the useful substances are preserved.

Vegetable salads are excellent in speeding up metabolism, strengthening immunity and cleansing the body of toxins. Season salads with quality extra virgin olive oil.

It is good to drink as much fluid as possible - either in the form of water, tea or soup (about 2 liters per day). Warm vegetable soups, as well as juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, are the right way to raise energy.

Repetition is the mother of knowledge - so we will tell you again that the ideal time for detoxification is, except January, spring or summer. In winter, heavier and fatty foods are eaten, and fewer vegetables and fruits, so it is recommended to cleanse the body before summer and prepare it for seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Cleanse your body and you will feel a lot of energy!

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