Severe pain in the intestines.


It is a spasm of the muscles that cover the intestines. It usually goes with gastroenteritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, convulsive constipation and others bowel problems.


Medicinal herbs – These are herbs that relax the intestinal wall and stop too many movements digestive tract: – infusion of flowers and leaves of catnip acts against diarrhea and cramps in the colon are usually present. – flaxseed, petal leaves (heartburn grass), Christ’s wreath and the route soothe the pains and cramps in intestines. – infusion of chamomile inflorescences has antispasmodic effect on the intestines. The following herbs reduce intestinal fermentation: blueberry, alfalfa, angelica, anise, may rank thyme and eucalyptus. The following herbs reduce gas intestines: tame mint, cumin, apple, fenugreek and garlic. See also chapter “Cramps and muscles”.

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