Read the chapter “Diarrhea” above. Eat plenty of fiber, drink plenty of water and avoid foods that create you problems. If you constantly get diarrhea, it is the cause maybe a bacterium or a virus.

HYDROTHERAPY – Chronic Diarrhea

To reduce congestion – rest in bed, apply an enema at 35 degrees after each bowel movement, followed by a quarter liter cold water. Hot compress on the abdomen 2 times daily for 15 minutes, with a heated coating between applications, which is changed every 2 hours and which should be covered only with flannel. Against the development of bacteria – aseptic food (especially fruit juices, purees and well-cooked cereals). Apply high (basic) every day warm enema.

Weakness and autointoxication – short-term sweating baths for 3-8 minutes and gradual (gradual) cold baths. Stomach pain and tenderness – hot compress on stomach every 2-3 hours, warm enemas at about 37.7 degrees after each bowel movement, heated stomach lining after each application warm coatings, which are changed until the next application every hour.

Mucus in the stool – a thorough warm enema at 35 degrees, followed by a low cold enema. Cold stomach lining that is changed every hour. Drain sitting bath or drain pad on the stomach, drain fan shower on the stomach.

Frequent bowel movements – stomach lining, same as described above. Long-lasting cool sitting bath at 24 degrees, 15 minutes. This is followed by a short-term watering of the spine warm with water and rub with a damp sheet. Alternation of constipation and diarrhea – high warm enema or enema of the colon (36.6 degrees) 1- 2 times a week, followed by low colds enema and warm abdominal lining. Contraindications – avoid a cold shower, protected heated coating and long-lasting heat linings.

General method

Increase the body’s general resistance and strengthen the stomach by changing your habits in the diet, so as not to create favorable conditions in the intestines for the development of bacteria that are the main ones cause of the disease. Get rid of bacteria and mucus with the help neutral enemas.

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