Skin rashes and blisters, leakage from no – with, nausea, water in the eyes, stomach upset, tinnitus, depression, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, asthma, intestinal diseases, arthritis, bronchitis, eczema. Symptoms may appear immediately or once a day later.


We live in an age of chemistry, surrounded we are chemical compounds so much that we “swim” in them. They are in the air we breathe, water which we drink and the food we eat. When the body is exposed to foreign bodies and he – compounds, it can make antibodies their defense. We all differ from each other, so to some of us one chemical compound more bothers him than others. Here are a few chemicals – melons that cause allergic reactions: insecticides, smog, car exhaust, coal, oils, disinfectants, chlorine, phenol, paint, hair sprays, formaldehyde, household hygiene products, etc. An allergic reaction can also be caused by me – melt, like nickel, mercury, chromium and beryllium, which has in watches, jewelry and rings, as well as fillings – ma, which contain mercury.


– See the list above listed pollutants, and try to avoid them – and. – Avoid foods that have been sprayed or are added artificial colors, as well as foods with protective wax and those containing maturing agents. Whenever possible, grow it yourself all vegetables or buy organically grown food – well. Read the labels on the products you buy. – try to find out which chemical food you have – they bother her. What is the cause of the problem? Where are you were all before that? What has changed in your eye – lines? What can you change? – at the time of an allergic reaction to a chemical compound take as much vitamin C over bi – lja ka. 81 – eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals – whole grain rice, legumes and nuts – and. It is important to eat garlic as well.

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