Fever, shivering, sudden and frequent need to urinate, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Urine is cloudy with pus and often with blood. The presence of severe pain is possible lower back, above the hip, which descends towards hurdles. Excess blood and protein in the urine are major is a symptom of Bright’s disease. It is often accompanied by a tall blood pressure and edema, ie. water retention in tissues ma.


It is a chronic inflammation bub rega, similar to nephritis, but the specific disease is as follows: the kidneys are not able to properly excrete other waste products, so that they are stored through the blood in the tissues throughout the body and thus begins tissue swelling, edema, and high blood pressure. Excess protein is also present blood in the urine. Over time, the blood becomes contaminated with the mentioned waste materials and uremia (uremic poisoning) occurs. Consuming coffee, black tea, alcohol and spices are great ways to ruin your kidneys.


Apply high (basic) enema (or the formula of the Gut 1 in the evening) and a daily 30-minute hot bath. While in the tub, drink 2-3 cups of Tea for kidneys or silk or sage tea. Procedure finish with a short shower with cold water or rubbing with a cold towel. Don’t get cold. Cover yourself well and lie down in bed, and drink more of these teas, to cause sweating. Against pain hot compresses on the lower back and the length of the entire spine help. Do the same on the abdomen, liver and spleen. Stay on fruit juices for a few days, before than you start eating other foods. You can put soy milk and cereal flakes in the juices (whole grain cereals), because they are easily digested and nutritious are. Avoid them. Do not mix fruits and vegetables in the same meal. Then start eating vegetable soups, cauliflower, asparagus, eggplant, etc. all food should contains very little protein. Without stimulating and heavy food.


Make berry tea juniper. It is a stimulating diuretic, which helps bub regime to expel waste products. Too is great for the renal canals and bladder. He’s good and to alleviate edema caused by Bright’s disease. The best herbal formulas are Tea for the kidneys and tinctures Kidney-bladder and Detox. For natural remedies to control a urinary tract infection, see the “Nephritis” sections “Cystitis”.

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