Alcohol dependence; depression, memory loss, hangover, arrests, ulcers, emotional problems, flushing, forgetfulness, heart skipping, indigestion, insomnia, urination problems, hepatitis, high blood pressure, taking heavier drugs and numbness in the fingers.


Alcohol is absorbed directly through the wall – in the stomach, without digestion. Through the bloodstream then it reaches every cell in the body, from which it draws water, which weakens or destroys cells. It’s special harmful to liver, brain and other vital organs. Most alcoholics are either hypoglycemic or on the verge diabetes. In addition, alcohol causes serious deficiencies nutrients. While the body “thinks” it is food – hers (because alcohol contains 70 calories in 30 ml), until then it is actually starving. The liver slowly breaks down alcohol to sugar, but over time this vital organ weakens, well fatty degeneration of the liver occurs and then to the formation of scar tissue, which is called cirrhosis. Excessive alcohol consumption over several days can cause cardiac arrhythmia. Alcohol deceives people: it makes a person seemingly he feels happy when he feels bad, and strong when is weak. Alcohol destroys the liver, destroys marriage, raises children, contributes to the dismissal of alcoholics with work, and makes of him a tramp. The alcohol industry should be shut down because of that.


– Stop completely with con – by zooming in on alcohol. Start eating healthy – in. In addition to zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, essential fatty acids, bioflavonoids and from – speaking proteins, vitamin A, B are also needed vitamins, C, D and K. – avoid foods that increase the desire for al – like a hall to those who drink it, like milk, chocolate and processed sugar. – when you leave alcohol, do not replace it start consuming large amounts of products with sugar and coffee. Sugar only worsens hypoglycemia. Eat healthy, don’t sweeten food with sugar. – Alcoholics need potassium. One a spoonful of honey, instead of beer, partially compensates potassium which decomposed alcohol. Enough potassium it is also found in potato peel soup. Shells should will be thick; leave the potatoes with sides. Soak the shells in water, cook well, mix and add a little salt. Such a soup is needed to be eaten frequently with regular meals. – sobering up helps a drunk person sober up one teaspoon of mixed honey and activated charcoal in powder, 50:50. – People who eat healthy regularly are less tend to consume stimulants and beverages that addictive. Eat raw fruits the most, vegetables and nuts. They are very food – live and have a lot of fiber. – consuming meat restores the desire for alcohol – scrap; so stop eating meat. Be physically active outdoors on a regular basis. – It is good to drink elm tea when a person weaning from alcohol. – Blend a little orange peel with with water and a little hot pepper. This will help you quit alcohol. – Angelica tea causes nausea towards alcohol, while chamomile tea should be drunk during delirium – jum tremensa. – Hop tea is good during delirium.

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